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No longer the best kept secret in dutch rock, Amsterdam’s space-rock band has steadily been
blowing minds across Europe since 2018 with their hard hitting yet elegant longform jams,
building up an enormous reputation as a live band that always delivers and never repeats itself.
Having debuted, appropriately, with a live album, 2019’s “Live at Merleyn” on their own Right On
Mountain records, in 2021 the band put out the half-live/half-studio double album “Fang Temple”
to considerable acclaim leading to the band being picked up with legendary purveyors of
adventurous rock, German label Stickman records, home of Motorpsycho, Elder and the like.
After the plague the band hit the European festival circuit hard, going from Holland’s own
Roadburn festival to Germany’s Desertfest Berlin and Freak Valley, all the way to Sonic Blast in
Portugal, leaving heads spinning and hearts filled with guitars.
Mind-bending riffs, triple vocal harmonies, dubbed out bass and jazzy yet hard hitting drums,
ecstatically rocking and truly psychedelic, Temple Fang delivers it all with love.
Rock ’n Roll as a means to attaining spiritual freedom, right on!
Longform rock for fans of Motorpsycho, The Grateful Dead, Hawkwind and Hendrix.



On its voyage of discovery, ‘The Moondig' intercepts musical messages that interconnect the various spaces of the free mind. Welcome to the experimental lunar sound of Belgium's mad hatters’ psychedelic improvising acid space jazz flowing kraut noise rock.


RRRags, Beesus, The Slices_Insta.jpg



Rrrags was formed after a jam session by Ron Van Herpen, Rob Zim and Rob Martin in September 2017. Only three months later, they hit the studio! The first album was presented at Roadburn 2018. A follow-up called "High Protein" was released in May 2020, right after the lockdown started.
During most of 2022, the band have been working on their third record, which is said to show a more eclectic and adventurous side of the band. Lay Bare Recordings will release the album in April, tonight you can get a taste right here!



These stoners from Rome have been around since 2015 and released three albums worth of noisy, fuzz-heavy stoner/sludge.



Locals from Leuven, kicking your bluesy ass!
Heavy blues rock with a nasty twist.

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