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Formed in early August 2013, Elephant Tree began life int the dingy back streets of London’s answer to Tin Pan Alley.

Moving into the summer of 2014 the group decided upon the tracks to be included in their first EP, named after the hypothesised ancient planet of the same name. Theia.

Two more albums followed, the self titeld album in 2017 and Habits in 2019.

Amidst the chaos that was 2020, the group parted ways with their previous label and took on the new challenge of dealing with their own releases. Folding under the wing of the newly created Sheep Tooth the group managed to keep Habits very much alive and with the initial success new releases were sure to follow on in good time.

With plans in action, motors roaring and gears churning, the group may be spotted traveling to studios around London soon. Just as long as there’s space in the local beer garden…


Debut album "Hair Of" due Spring 2022.

EL PERRO is a brand new band led by guitarist/vocalist/songwriter/producer Parker Griggs of RADIO MOSCOW. The sound contains elements that fans of Radio Moscow will recognize, but this is rock music with a new, fresh  spin and feel.  The band’s debut album, “Hair Of El Perro”, takes heavy psychedelic rock as a starting point but
jams into more syncopated territory, spicing its sound with Latin rhythms and hints of Funkadelic-style grooves.  You could say that EL PERRO plays psychedelic funk rock, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

Beside Parker Griggs, EL PERRO also includes former Radio Moscow drummer Lonnie Blanton, bassist  Shawn Davis,  and guitarist Holland Redd.



A deafening echo that suddenly speaks out of the dust, conveying all the desolation of an endless landscape up to

the sky.

A journey for those who like exotic rock to sound viscerally loud, raw and high gained. To blow up the speakers for good. Fuzzed guitar and Buzzing didgeridoo locked with a sped up drums and cranked bass sound that makes you feel like you are riding a spacecraft at full speed between the dunes.

Created in 2017 in Toulouse, France, the threesome takes it's inspiration among different rock genre, from the sweet middle eastern psychedelic rock to the raw shattering sounds of garage fuzz and german krautrock.

Even going so far as to use their favorite atypical instrument - the didgeridoo - the three members of KARKARA, like desert wizards, take pleasure in pushing further the boundaries of the genre and take their audience into a mystical and indomitable world.


Next album "Tried and True"  June 12, 2022.


This psychedelic stoner rock band is based out in Austin, Texas. Forming around 1999, Tia Carrera perform a blend of improvised rock inspired by the likes of Hendrix, Sabbath, and the Melvins to name a few. Their music is mostly instrumental but on occasion there are songs with vocals.

To date the band has released five studio albums among various other releases.

Tia Carrera's fifth album Tried and True would see release on 12 June 2020, the title track in particular the very first song the band had ever written roughly twenty years ago. Tried and True would see positive reception from the likes of The Obelisk, Metal Temple and The Sleeping Shaman just to name a few.

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Sleepwulf are the new wizards on the block of stoner rock. Stemming the forests of Southern Sweden, they have channeled the sultry sounds of old with modern influences to create a heavy sound laden with psychedelic grooves. Fans of bands such as Witchcraft, Black Sabbath, as well as early Pentagram will find plenty to love here. After making waves with their self-released single "Lucifer's Light" they were quickly signed to Cursed Tongue Records in early 2020. Recently emerging from the studio, their critically acclaimed debut album is a bonfire of riff heavy music that is sure to set alight any crowd.

Fresh off the back of their critically acclaimed debut album, reaching #3 in the global doom charts. The Swedish doom wizards, Sleepwulf have now signed with label giants Heavy Psych Sounds to unleash their highly anticipated second LP.

Written in the dark days of 20-21 this new journey drips with the seductive sounds of riff rock psychedelic ecological doom and conjures the echoes of bands such as Black Sabbath and Jethro Tull.

Out of this fire, Sleepwulf have summoned songs that ooze with fuzzy riffs, sordid tales and seductive occultism.


Djiin is a psychedelic stoner-rock band whose name is inspired by spirits and other beasts of the semitic beliefs and traditions. Influenced by 70’s progressive rock and krautrock bands, doom scene and heavy rock from the glory days of the early Sabbath era, as well as other modern references based on the diversity between western and traditional eastern sonorities,

Djiin develops a personal, atypical and captivating universe. Composed for four years by a guitar, a bass, drums, and led by an powerful, charismatic and low-voiced female singer and harpist, the band comes out with its powerful and fuzzy riffs,

its twisted beats, its psychedelic melodies and its vocal incantations for a transcendent rendering.

A real evasion invitation.

The use of the electric harp in this “classic“ rock line-up gives unique and surprising sonorities that accentuate the band’s mystic and ritualistic universe.



Second Oracle's  alternates dreamy flute and organ landscapes with dystopian, meditative psych rock with heavy drums, bass and electric guitar. Expect wanderings through magical forests, down into obscure depths to be caught by swinging sea storms.

The members are also known from other musical constellations such as Our Solar System, The Hanged Man and Me and My Kites.



The stoners of Atomic Vulture got off to a great start. Already in 2012, they released their first E.P., their ever-growing fan base devoured their straightforward approach to instrumental stoner rock with a heavy psychedelic twist. Successors Planet Emerald (2013) and Into Orbit (2014) confirmed, and their live reputation grew. After a personnel change in 2017, Atomic Vulture has found its definitive line-up with Pascal David (guitar), Kris Hoornaert (bass) and Jens van Hollebeke (drums).


A year later the EP "Stone Of The Fifth Sun" is released, a nod to the Aztec faith. With Stone Of The Fifth Sun, the first vinyl release on Polderrecords, the three shamans of Atomic Vulture catapult you to the Stone Age. More than three years later, the people of Bruges travel further into their ever-expanding stoner cosmos with their latest release "Moving Through Silence" (Polderrecords). "Moving Through Silence" brought them to the stages of Alcatraz Festival (Kortrijk) and Desertfest (Antwerp).



Jamming in the depths of the Nijmegen underground, Bismut was born. It clicked like crazy between the 3 gentlemen. While playing Bismut developed his own sound consisting of a mixture of styles such as; prog rock, doom, metal, stoner, jazz, psych and hard rock. Since their foundation, the three musicians have played many shows at home and abroad in sympathetic clubs and at major festivals such as Into The Void, Zwarte Cross, Sonic Whip, Stonerfall, Yellowstock, Desert Fest Antwerp, Alterna Sounds Fest and Psychedelic Network Festival. Bismut released 2 long players on the independent label Lay Bare Recordings: “Schwerpunkt” in November 2018 and “Retrocausality” in September 2020. Both albums, now sold out, were very well received. Despite the corona vicissitudes, Bismut still managed to play some beautiful shows, including banging performances at Desertfest 2021, Fuzz25 and Alterna Sounds Festival Münster.

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Wheel of Smoke was born 2005, and have since been dwelling within the Belgian underground rock scene. They create a smoking mix of heavy, 70’s & 90’s tinted rock, blended with a dash of space and psychedelics. The music varies from mesmerizing and melodic to pumping straightforward rock&roll. Wheel of Smoke is a musical journey which invites you to join them in realms of cosmic inferno!

Having played many gigs, they are experienced stage hitters, creating spheres of musical and heavy sweetness. Wheel of Smoke joined stages with bands like Baby Woodrose, Hypnos 69, Sungrazer, The Machine, My Sleeping Karma, Ten East, Grifter, Doctor Cyclops, Güacho,… the band has cooperated on several occasions with organizations like Orange Factory and Yellowstock Concerts.

In march 2011 a first album In Sense was released. 2013 saw a new full length Signs of Saturn. 2015 gave birth to an EP called Enter The Pyramid. The band’s latest effort, Mindless Mass, saw release in 2016. Since 2017 they are joined by Johan Overloop, an expert analogue synth builder and player. This made their sound more spacious and broader in spectrum.

The new album ‘Sonic Cure‘ explores the more adventurous side of psychedelic rock and incorporates post-progressive psych-rock elements and harmonic vocals. The concept of the album is based on a fictive story of an unknown far-off planet with giant loudspeakers embedded into its surface that served as sound-healing ritual temples for its alien inhabitants. Let Wheel of Smoke take you on the journey for the quest of Sonic Salvation…



Formed somewhere in the mid 2010s, this instrumental three piece prepared Vlaams-Brabant for the near post apocalyptic war and pandemic ridden 2020’s with their live pounding post- prog- something heavy fusion live shows. In the near future these soundtracks can be heard from the safety of your air raid & aerosol bunkers on our first EP which is being mixed now (and a second one soon to enter preproduction). Until then, they’ll be somewhere rediscovering unmasked audiences, unmuffled screaming, unseated butts and unbridled live shows somewhere in your vicinity.


Formed in 2013 by Michel Kirby, Marc De Backer and Corvus Von Burtle, the trio released a first full length in collaboration with Austrian veterans Der Blutharsch in 2016 through Weme Records. This weird album got in the radar of occult German label Van records, that repressed it and is since then Wolvennest collaborator for every release.


Joined soon after by a solid live line up, the band found in Shazzula its voice and synth/theremin magician. In 2018, Wolvennest released their sophomore "Void" in 2018. Thanks to this album, Wolvennest toured Europe twice and had the chance to perform it, fully, at Roadburn 2019 edition. The "Vortex "EP was released the same year.


2021 proved to be, despite the "no live music era", a busy year for the Wolvennest collective: a double album (Temple), a live album (live in Ancienne Belgique) and a collaboration under the "Nest" banner, featuring long time friends from the Occult European circle. The sextet, regularly joined by their producer Déhà on stage, will hit our stage on Friday.



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SLOW BEAR. He is a one-man-band who makes alternative music. Likes the sound of tape recorders, rivers, typewriters, trains, fire, cheap guitars, night and dawn, footsteps, and his own heartbeat is his favorite drummer. Though he often plays on his own, his goal is smilar to that of a band: to bring across the energies that tremble in him, to ride the lightning!




Lights of Yonder, previously known as Leather Knights,



Lee Swinnen is known far beyond Diest as the lead singer of Tubelight and Double Veterans and ... indeed also as the son of. He doesn't mind going through life as the son of the other famous Swinnen from Diest. (Guy from The Scabs) “But that does have consequences, of course,” says Frankie Traandruppel. “I mainly wanted to release my music and let people enjoy it. That was not necessarily under the name of 'son of' and that is why I chose the pseudonym Frankie Traandruppel (Teardrop). I release the songs low-key without any weight from a well-known name.”

His debut EP 'Life inside a rocket' has become a nice mix of punk and garage pop. The concept certainly didn't come about because Swinnen was tired of being in his current group.

“I always try to be busy writing things. At that time I had the need to release something new and I just did it”.




Heavy-Psych-Stoner-Blues-Doom-Space-Kraut-Funk-Soul-Afro-Garage-Jazz-Erotic-Horror Grooves by Moos

You also might have heard him at Roadburn festival, Desertfest Belgium, and our previous editions.

Host of Volksradio Moos at Radio Scorpio

Mailman by day!

Check him out on between and after the bands on Friday & Saturday!

DJ Cosmic Masseur




DJ Coconaut is mixing psychdoomstonerfuzznoisetripwavepunkheavygazerock,... yes indeed!

You also might have heard him at Plufest, Doornroosje Nijmegen, Alterna Sounds, Zwarte Cross Baterbar,...

Check him out between the bands on Friday & Saturday!


DJ cosmicmasseur spinning tunes at Orange Factory Belgium concerts since 1997. You also might have heard him at Roadburn festival, Desertfest Belgium, Our previous editions and at Rock/metal café HELL and more, and of course as one of the crew of wake up at the other end of the universe by Orange Factory at Radio Scorpio.

Check him out between and after the bands on Friday & Saturday!