Do you know any great live bands? Probably many.

Bands who created a few awesome studio albums? Probably a couple of those too.

But how many bands do you know, that have played hundreds of shows

and have put out albums for over 15 years under the same flag?

Who are still amazingly fresh to your ears - and yet, when listening to them,

you still feel like you're hanging out with a very true old friend?

We’ll let you think about that for a second...


So, we’re proud to let you know that Siena Root is on tour again!

And will headline Down The Hill 2019!

This time the spotlight will be on their recent successful collaboration with blues singer Lisa Lystam,

as well as the upcoming single release "In the Fire".


The band is hitting the road in the middle of their work on the next album.

So take your chance and become one of the first to get a taste of what’s coming up!


Current Line-up:

Sam Riffer - bass

Love Forsberg – percussion

Erik Petersson - organ

Matte Gustavsson – guitar

Lisa Lystam - Vocals



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