brings you critically engaged and magically surreal poetic texts,

submerged in the band’s own typical warm group sound:

an ocean of growling psychedelic waves tumbling epically in tight cohesion,

striking you in the gut and leaving you speechless with each spin.


Since 2015, this collective of experienced musicians - and longtime musical friends - rehearses in an old barn hidden in the Betekomse beemden.


In 2016, their first album GLOED was released via


Now GLOED comes with a brand new formula: Hageland’s own Jim Morrison,

Diëgo Lippert, and young guitar god Gilo Duarta Da cruz make way (for personal reasons) for sparkling phenomenon Evelien - carved out of noble Limburg clay -

whose colourful sound body and passionate presence have been our bright companions since September 2018.


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